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Traducción & Definición

to believe: creer, pensar
Do you believe in God? ¿Crees en Dios?
I believe he has already left. Creo que ya se ha ido.
I believe in him. Creo en él.
I believe the conference room is available. Creo que la sala de reuniones está libre.
(The thief is) believed to be (a white man): Se cree que (el ladrón es un hombre blanco)


  • "I believe in miracles."
  • "Susie : Mum, I can't believe this!"
  • "Headlines, headlines, believing the things that we read"
  • "Samantha : I still can't believe that you married that slob, Jenny."
  • "Brian : A Eucalyptus, I believe."
  • "Despite this isolated incident, I believe that our two cultures are closer than ever, and this is reflected by this collaboration between the perfumers of our two great nations."
  • "I believe the children are our future..."
  • "Can you believe that our Philip has become an artist?"
  • "Here at Delavigne, we believe the holidays are all about counting our blessings."
  • "We believe that fruits and vegetables have feelings"

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