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Traducción & Definición

to bleed: sangrar
Help, my pinkie is bleeding! ¡Ayuda, mi meñique está sangrando!

Este verbo es irregular:
I bleed / I bled / I have bled
blood: la sangre
The verb "to bleed" is almost always used in the present progressive form to indicate that someone is in the act of bleeding. We rarely use the present simple tense to express this action.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Oh no, your head is bleeding!
US: Yes, it bled like that all last week. It's nothing serious.


  • "Oh my goodness, are you bleeding?"
  • "Oh, he's bleeding now."
  • "Today, at San Francisco's historic Bleeding Heart Theatre, in the heart of the Rainbow District, the Delavigne Corporation will announce its latest charitable endeavor."
  • "Jean : Please do not shout again, my ears are bleeding."
  • "I'm bleeding, man!"
  • "Food is only for blood donors: no bleeding, no feeding, that's the rule."
  • "There was a disagreement, and next thing I know the big guy was on the floor bleeding."
  • "I suppose it's hard to say "no" to a man wearing a full-body cast and bleeding from his head."
  • "Yes, I am bleeding."

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