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Traducción & Definición

a degree: un título universitario
I have a degree in Swahili. Tengo un título de suajili.
22 degrees: 22 grados


  • "Trey : I spent a year in Paris working on my international communications degree."
  • "Harold Warbuckle : The theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" says that any person on the planet is connected to any other person through six relationships."
  • "I have an undergraduate degree in social psychology, as well as a master's degree in Communications."
  • "It's 90.43 degrees in here!"
  • "I'm going to talk to you today in my role as an "entrepreneur" about the importance of networking, and a theory called the "six degrees of separation" which could help you be as successful and rich as me."
  • "Jonas : Umm, about 40 degrees Fahrenheit?"
  • "Then I discovered the theory of "six degrees of separation", and if you stick with me, I'll tell you what it is."
  • "41 degrees Fahrenheit."
  • "Highs of 33 degrees, sunshine and no wind until Monday."

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