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Traducción & Definición

a (grammar) exercise: un ejercicio (de gramática)
to exercise: hacer ejercicio, ejercitar, entrenar
I exercise 3 times a week. Hago ejercicio 3 veces por semana.


  • "Brian : You found real journalists to participate in a training exercise?"
  • "Mr. Laughsalot : Well, that's the end of this exercise."
  • "I would be remiss if I did not mention that this company retreat will include team-building exercises led by an expert from the FunFactory Consulting Squadron."
  • "Due to popular demand, as well as the concerning rise of obesity in our office, I'm proud to officially open the “Xavier Delavigne Memorial Sport and Fitness center for exercise”."
  • "Why don't we try a short role-playing exercise?"
  • "I think a little bit of exercise will do us all some good."
  • "The user finishes the exercises, clicks on the send button, and receives a personalized correction within minutes."
  • "Walking a dog can be so good for your health, it's great exercise!"
  • "Susie : Brian, I've prepared a little exercise to begin your training."
  • "It's supposed to relax the muscles before exercise."

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