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Traducción & Definición

to focus (on a subject): centrar(se), fijar(se), concentrar(se) (en un tema)
The press is focusing on the scandal. La prensa se centra en el escándalo.
a focus: un centro de interés
The focus of next month's issue will be the effects of global warming. El próximo número se centrará especialmente en los efectos del calentamiento global.
focused: concentrado, centralizado, focalizado


  • "Brian : Ok Brian, it's time to focus."
  • "Which woman should I focus on?"
  • "We're going to relaunch with a stronger focus on luxury brands."
  • "Ok Brian, it's time to focus."
  • "Brian : Okay, Mr. Delavigne, we're going to record another message, and this time I want you to focus on energy, and the vibe you're giving to your callers."
  • "Focus in on her leg."
  • "Their goal is to promote teamwork and develop "skill sets" which will help us become more confident, more efficient and more focused on the well-being of the entire organization."
  • "While the print media has indeed been critical of your company recently, we propose focusing on Delavigne's Internet presence to shift the narrative from tabloid gossip to the high quality profiles and experience of your staff."
  • "I work for "South Australian Jobs Focus", and I'd like to encourage your listeners to come to live and work in South Australia."
  • "So far I've transformed into a duck and an elephant, but now I'm focusing on becoming a lotus flower."

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