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Traducción & Definición

for the past 50 (years, months): (durante) los últimos 50 (años, meses)
idiom, preposition
for (100 years): durante (100 años)


  • "Benjamin has been in the business for the past 20 years."
  • "You must be curious about what I've been doing for these past six months."
  • "It seems that the new European president serves two masters: the people of the old continent as well as Delavigne, his employer for the past decade."
  • "For the past two weeks, there have been constant thunderstorms here, and the winds have reached speeds of 200 miles per hour, which usually indicates that there's a tornado on its way."
  • "Chinese businessmen are no longer content to dominate the production end as they have for the last few decades;"
  • "I'm sure you'll find the job as gratifying as I found picking up your soiled tissues and discarded chocolate wrappers for the past decade as your special assistant."
  • "After some research, I discovered that they haven't been turned on for the past three and a half years."
  • "They've been showing great progress these past few seasons."
  • "English has actually been a compulsory subject in schools for the past 60 years."

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