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Traducción & Definición

to hunt: cazar
Let's go hunting this weekend! ¡Vayamos de caza este fin de semana!
a hunt: una cacería
to go hunting ir de caza
a hunter: un cazador


  • "The company, at the center of hundreds of scandals in the last 10 years, ranging from illegal bear hunts to monkey abuse to laboratory explosions, just can't seem to get their act together."
  • "We're hunting Elmers."
  • "Out here you can get in touch with the great outdoors: hunting, fishing, swimming in the lake, and lounging in the outdoor Jacuzzi."
  • "Brent : And how do these dogs hunt the fox, Rupert?"
  • "Some people enjoy collecting knives, others enjoy building robots, and some English people think that the most enjoyable hobby of all is to hunt a small fox with a pack of dogs."
  • "Horatio : At Joan's grave, I promised to hunt "Sharky" across the seven seas."
  • "A typical hunt involves 50 dogs and 50 horse riders blowing horns like this one."
  • "After the break, we'll talk about hunting the most dangerous prey of all... humans."
  • "Warbuckle, president and CEO of an international department store chain, is a passionate hunter and gun advocate."
  • "Did they hunt you like wild boar?"

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