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Traducción & Definición

an inventory (of stock): un inventario
After looking at the inventory, I realized that we had to order more t-shirts. Tras mirar el inventario, me di cuenta de que debíamos pedir más camisetas.
We must sell all of our inventory as fast as possible. Debemos vender todo el stock lo antes posible.
to take, to make inventory (of): hacer el inventario (de)
I need to take inventory of the situation: Necesito estudiar bien la situación
an inventory (of fixtures): estado del inmueble
An inventory has been prepared (in duplicate) for the apartment, and needs to be signed by the landlord and the new tenant. Se ha redactado un estado del inmueble (por duplicado) que tienen que firmar el propietario y el nuevo inquilino.


  • "Let me reset the inventory to zero."
  • "We use it to keep track of inventory."
  • "Mick : Our inventory is coming up short month after month."
  • "The device shows that we have three bottles at fifty dollars per unit – that makes an inventory of a hundred and fifty dollars."
  • "Rearranged and made inventory of chemical storage cabinet."
  • "It has become a morning ritual of mine to take a quick visual inventory of the bike's progress towards non-existence."
  • "For some reason, the "perfume counter" wasn't deducting units of Moulin Magic from the inventory when they were sold and left the warehouse."
  • "Bargain Basement Bundle : The big advantage of this package (aside from the low price) is the inventory feature."
  • "The strange inventory numbers were all due to a programming glitch with the inventory-counting device."
  • "I've been reviewing your monthly financial report and there seems to be something strange going on in the inventory of finished goods."

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