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Traducción & Definición

(a) kind (person): (una persona) amable
Would you be kind enough to help me? ¿Serías tan amable de ayudarme?
kindness: bondad, amabilidad
Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. No confundas mi amabilidad con debilidad.
(this) kind (of person/book): (este) tipo, (esta) clase (de personas, libros)

Pronunciation examples
UK: You've been so kind to me, I don't know how to thank you.
US: My kindness is only a sign of my love for humanity.


  • "I like numbers of every kind, but my favourite is..."
  • "Shaun Saber : No thanks, that's very kind."
  • "Before I accepted his kind offer, I decided to ask you if this would be acceptable to you."
  • "Now, ideally you would retrieve the hair of an American black bear, but, as I am a generous and kind man, I will also accept grizzly bear hair."
  • "I will show you my love by giving you a beautiful gift, because I am a kind, generous, understanding leader."
  • "You should all be very proud of your colleague, who is brave, kind and spiritually curious."
  • "The biofuels in question were made from algae (aquatic plant-like organisms, but not the kind found in miso soup)."
  • "The good kind of bastard."
  • "Bruno : Well, I suppose I'm looking for someone intelligent, kind, with a good sense of humor."
  • "Icarus : I like numbers of every kind, but my favorite is 1,456,895."

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