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Traducción & Definición

to lead: dirigir, conducir, guiar, encabezar
I'll lead you to Bruno's office. Le conduciré hasta la oficina de Bruno.

Este verbo es irregular:
I lead / I led / I have led
leading: destacado, eminente, principal
a lead (UK): un cable (eléctrico)


  • "There are many different ways to do this, but only one will lead you to the gardens of Nirvana, or possibly just the bush of Guns N' Roses."
  • "Warning: Sharing this information can lead to death, excommunication."
  • "During the 1970s, the Castro district became the symbol of gay liberation, led by the activist Harvey Milk."
  • "When the police arrived on the scene, they simply had to follow the red footprints which led to an apartment building not even half a block from the bank."
  • "You know...just hanging out...playing some golf...leading the free world...that sort of thing."
  • "Dr. Delavigne is the world's leading dolphin interpreter."
  • "Tomorrow morning, in meeting room A, Glen will be leading our first collective yoga class."
  • "The group, led by twin brothers Desmond and Brian Jones, is back together after a messy break-up nearly 20 years ago."
  • "Lead Image Consultant & Business Guru"
  • "I would be remiss if I did not mention that this company retreat will include team-building exercises led by an expert from the FunFactory Consulting Squadron."

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