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Traducción & Definición

to look at (something): mirar (algo)
Could you take a look at my report when you get a chance? Si tienes tiempo, ¿podrías mirar mi informe?
I've never looked at it from that point of view. Nunca lo he visto desde ese punto de vista.


  • "Bruno : Yes, and remember Brian, ABL: Always be looking."
  • "Ooh, look at me, I'm a cute little doggy!"
  • "Look at my teeth, they're white and clean!"
  • "Samantha : Well then, let's look at your life little Miss perfect."
  • "I don't need to look at the market research."
  • "She comes to work late, and she looks - look at me Doris - dirty and a little bit overweight."
  • "Warbuckle : Well, well, well, Philip, look at the two of us: a couple of sad and lonely workaholics stuck at the office on New Year's Eve!"
  • "I need you this afternoon to run some errands, pick up my dry cleaning, and I have this weird rash that I need you to look at."
  • "Don't even look at me or I'll chop you into pieces."
  • "Icarus : He was with me in my office, we were looking at videos of baby pandas."

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