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Traducción & Definición

a (paper) margin: un margen (en el papel)
You need to make the margins wider on this document. Tienes que ensanchar los márgenes en este documento.
a (profit) margin: un margen (de ganancias)
We're doing this to increase our profit margins. Estamos haciendo esto para aumentar nuestro margen de ganancias.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Now children, don't write notes in the margin of your book.
US: Our profit margins could be better.


  • "Within 10 years, I predict profit margins in the millions."
  • "Philip : I've done a lot of research, and I found that the margin costs alone involved in adopting this charter would kill our profits."
  • "In general, the figures show that we've had kind of a productive and profitable year, and our EBIT indicates that we've actually surpassed our projected earnings by a considerable margin."
  • "There is a reason that we continue to increase our profit margins at this company, and it is because we do not spend money carelessly."
  • "Their profit margins are incredible, their net income for that quarter alone totaled more than 200 million!"
  • "Unfortunately, this new behavior did not interfere with their habitual paranoia regarding Delavigne's profit margins."
  • "Bruno : Philip, you're concerned about our bottom line and our profit margins, and I appreciate that as well."
  • "If we are unable to sell this product, the overstock of perfumes could put a major dent in our profit margins."
  • "Philip has told me on numerous occasions that working with an OILS certified company would severely cut into our profit margins, which would not please our shareholders at all."

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