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Traducción & Definición

to murder: asesinar, matar
a murder: un asesinato, un homicidio
a murderer: un asesino, un homicida


  • "You got off to a slow start, but you finished up strong, especially when you confessed to murder."
  • "Lucie : A murder!"
  • "You each had the opportunity - and motive - to kill Stink... but now I'm going to tell you exactly who committed the terrible crime of doggy murder!"
  • "Who's been murdered?"
  • "If you're in this office right now, you're a suspect for the murder of Bruno's dog!"
  • "I've rounded up all the potential murder suspects there for interrogation!"
  • "On the charges of murder, prostitution, bootlegging liquor, and public nudity, you have been... acquitted!"
  • "There's been a... a... a murder!"
  • "Have you been murdering them?"
  • "Though the details of Stink's gruesome murder are still hazy, I'm sure that you understand my deep and pervasive hatred for you, and by extension, all things British."

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