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Traducción & Definición

to owe (sthg) (to sbdy): deber (algo a alguien)
The verb "to owe" is directly followed by an object (or a sum), without a preposition:
Susie owes Philip 50 euros. Susie debe 50 euros a Philip.
This company owes its success to Bruno Delavigne's talent. Esta compañía debe su éxito al talento de Bruno Delavigne.
I owe her my life. Le debo la vida.
You owe it to yourself to test drive a few cars before buying one. Sabes que debes probar varios coches antes de comprar uno.
owing (to the crisis...): debido a, a causa (de la crisis)
How much is owed to you? ¿Cuánto te debo?
Owing to their lack of customers, the store went out of business. Debido a la falta de clientes, la tienda cerró.
I owe you one!: ¡Te debo una!

Pronunciation examples
UK: Susie owes Philip 50 euros.
US: This company owes its success to Bruno Delavigne's talent.


  • "I remind you that the total balance owed by Cosmex Inc. to Delavigne Corporation amounts to one thousand, two hundred and thirteen dollars and eighty cents ($1213.80)."
  • "This letter should detail all prior communication that you've had with the client, the outstanding invoices, and the total amount owed to your company."
  • "Taxi Driver : This is not at all my problem. You owe me thirty dollars for the ride, and shut the door on your way out."
  • "Bruno, I owe all my success to you."
  • "Negative equity is when you owe your bank more than your house is worth."
  • "As I've been reminding you almost every day recently, your client Cosmex Inc. owes us a lot of money, and you know what they say: Money makes the world go round!"
  • "Accounts Receivable are letters from people who owe us money – they might include checks, or requests to have payments deferred."
  • "I remind you that your company, Soppy Soaps, owes The Delavigne Corporation a total of $178,921 for this order."
  • "I owe a lot of the success of my department stores to him and his perfumes."
  • "Thanks a million Icarus, I really owe you one."

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