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Traducción & Definición

to paint: pintar
to paint the town red ir(se) de juerga, salir a festejar
a painting: una pintura, un cuadro
I bought two paintings at the auction last Sunday. En la subasta del domingo pasado compré dos cuadros.
paint (on the walls): la pintura (de las paredes)

Pronunciation examples
UK: I painted my toenails different colours last night.
US: I finished painting the kitchen and now I'm covered in paint.


  • "Bruno : Yes I know, but one of his paintings stood out!"
  • "Just like a Picasso painting."
  • "Art dealer : All of Plazbo's paintings feature squares and circles."
  • "I look forward to meeting the man capable of creating such a painting."
  • "It appears to be some paint... and a CD of whales making love."
  • "Xiao Xiao : Ok, there's no need to beat around my bush*: we want your painting and we're willing to pay for it."
  • "Apparently, the painting reminds him very much of his grandmother, who was also red, ugly and had your signature on her bottom."
  • "He is very interested in purchasing your painting "Multiplicity" (or "Absurd Crimson Symphony" as it is translated in Chinese)."
  • "Art dealer : Ok, I've got three Plazbo paintings in front of me."
  • "Give me the paint, there is much work to be done!"

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