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Traducción & Definición

a place: un sitio, un lugar
to place (a book on the shelf): poner, colocar (un libro en la estantería)
to place money colocar dinero, poner dinero
(first) place (in a tournament): (primera) posición, (primer) lugar (en un torneo)


  • "Brian : What is this place?"
  • "A small family place."
  • "Now we've come to realise that animals deserve the right to be treated fairly in a place free from discrimination."
  • "You neglected to mention where the conference is being held, however I do recommend the Bristol Arms Hotel if you're looking for a place to stay."
  • "This place looks like a restaurant."
  • "Only a man would take you to such an awful place."
  • "As our eyes met for the first time, I felt her looking deep into my soul, a place where no woman had ever penetrated."
  • "A warm place with no memory."
  • "At midnight tonight, we're busting out of this place!"
  • "Meet me at the designated spot at the appointed time and place."

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