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Traducción & Definición

plastic: plástico
noun, adjective
plastic surgery cirugía plástica


  • "(My suggestion would be to use those plastic "ponchos" instead."
  • "Plastic cutlery... check."
  • "Even as we speak, I am recycling plastics."
  • "Philip : Why doesn't Delavigne use biodegradable material for their packaging, which is more eco-friendly than cardboard or plastic?"
  • "Each pair comes with a plastic moustache attached, too!"
  • "Wang Bottling Co (Shanghai, bottles and plastics, 100% owned and operated by Lee Wang)"
  • "Wang Bottling Co made a name for itself in the early 1980s manufacturing bottles and plastics for Chinese mega-brewery "5 Monkey Beers LLP", the biggest brewing company in mainland China."
  • "You are still recycling your plastics, like I instructed?"
  • "We are looking for some durable plastic containers and jars, cases for our lipstick, and tubes for hair care products."
  • "The unholy marriage of plastic, metal and computer chips can never replace the pleasure of holding a book in one's hands."

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