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Traducción & Definición

to pour: verter, echar, servir
Pour the spoiled milk down the sink. Vierte la leche cortada en la pila.
Can I pour you another cup of tea? ¿Puedo servirle otra taza de té?
Otras expresiones:
It's pouring. Llueve a cántaros.
As soon as the doors opened, they came pouring in. Apenas se abrieron las puertas, entraron a montones.
Blood was pouring through the wound. Le brotaba sangre de la herida.

Pronunciation examples
UK: We cancelled the picnic because it was pouring rain.
US: He poured me a glass of milk. He didn't have any whisky.


  • "I will just pour you some apéritif, and then we can go at table."
  • "You go pour me a bath of champagne, ok."
  • "I'll pour us a glass."
  • "Why did you pour water over me?"
  • "The chemicals are pouring in a vial"
  • "Chocolate melted and poured into your mouth by trained chimpanzees"
  • "Moira : The weeks preceding and following Christmas day are by far the busiest shopping periods of the year, with record amounts of money pouring in nationwide."
  • "Running across the street to a local hardware store, the witness bought a can of red paint which he then poured on the concrete sidewalk directly in front of the bank."
  • "Nous sommes quatre pour dîner, s'il vous plaît."

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