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Traducción & Definición

to specify: especificar, definir, detallar, precisar
Could you please specify in which colors you would like the samples? ¿Podría precisar de qué color quiere las muestras?
the (software) specifications, specs: las características técnicas, las especificaciones (del software)
What are the customers' specifications? ¿Cuáles son las especificaciones de los clientes?
specific: específico(a), determinado(a), particular


  • "The official policy will be sent shortly as a PDF file, but I'd like to draw your attention to some specific details beforehand."
  • "They're independent, so they won't try to push one specific carrier: Benjamin will choose the best offer in each individual case for us."
  • "Actually, to be more specific, he spit on my shoe and called me a bourgeois pig."
  • "Polly has the product specifications from our Mid-West distributors, and Philip has volunteered to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of my contacts here in the Bay."
  • "Penelope : You'll have to be more specific, Bruno."
  • "Authorities speculated that the group's chance for survival was "slim to none", then specified that it was closer to .006 percent."
  • "We're looking for Bruno, we don't have a specific destination in mind!"
  • "Brian : Right, could you be a bit more specific?"
  • "The sheik specified no next of kin, and left no legal will."

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