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Let's switch the conversation to another topic: Cambiemos de tema
Could you stop switching lanes so quickly? ¿Puedes dejar de cambiar de carril tan rápidamente?
a switch: un cambio
The switch from butter to margarine was a difficult one. Pasar de mantequilla a margarina fue difícil.
a (radio, appliance, electric) switch : un interruptor, un botón
Where's the on-off switch? ¿Donde está el interruptor para encender y apagar?
to switch off, to switch on (the power): apagar, encender, prender


  • "I've switched off the central heating to save a bit of cash, so it's a bit chilly, but I've got plenty of blankets, and a cup of Irish coffee will warm you right up."
  • "Ignore any last objections the subject might have and switch on power."
  • "While I agree with you that it would be nice to work with manufacturers who have the OILS stamp of approval, it is simply not cost-effective to switch subcontractors at this point."
  • "Would you like to switch seats with me, Donna?"
  • "You should know I'm ready to switch banks if this continues."
  • "I can't switch it off!"
  • "Brian : In fact, he's recently switched to the macrobiotic diet."

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