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Traducción To take care of

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Traducción & Definición

to take care of (a problem): ocuparse de (un problema)
I'll take care of your clients while you're on vacation. Me ocuparé de sus clientes mientras esté de vacaciones.
Take care!: Hasta pronto, Hasta luego, Cuídese...
Take care of yourself. Cuídese.
Take care (to avoid the motorway): Ten cuidado (de no tomar la autopista)
(Susie) can take care of herself: (Susie) puede apañárselas sola

Pronunciation examples
UK: Who will take care of me when I'm old and grey?
US: Take care to avoid the freeway at this hour - there's bound to be traffic.


  • "Leave me, and take care of your mother."
  • "I'll take care of everything."
  • "Tinkerbell can take care of herself."
  • "ChinaCorp will definitely be able to take care of the production requirements you mentioned."
  • "Mrs Lee : They are all well taken care of."
  • "Who's taking care of Mummy?"
  • "Don't worry Mr. Perfume man, I take care of everything."
  • "Because if one of you will take care of this dog, I will pay you... in money."
  • "Horatio will take care of everything, ok?"
  • "She said if I could take care of the dog, she would consider getting back together with me."

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