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Traducción & Definición

The United States (of America): Los Estados Unidos (de América)
(The) US (dollar is weak at the moment): (En este momento el dólar) estadounidense (está débil)


  • "Everyone must choose their own path, but thanks to the fine education that this school has provided for us, we have a solid foundation on which to build."
  • "Edward Yeah, it's not as if he's going to come up and say "hello" to us!"
  • "Some of us will go on to University."
  • "Some of us will run away to Canada, in order to escape the draft."
  • ""The US workplace has become a sterile and apathetic world where employees are no longer interested in fighting for their rights", complains Jacky Hasselhoff, president of the International Brotherhood of Lifeguards."
  • "What's that in US currency?"
  • "In the United States, we have a different set of customs, a different set of values, even a different way of speaking the same language."
  • "You see, I live in the United States, or "the colonies" as one person told me in the metro."
  • "Mr. Cheeter, why don't you come up to the board and show us how you think this problem should be solved?"
  • "Donna : You want us to come with you and guide you through the streets of London?"

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