Frantastique Reviews: Fernanda R. (Bogotá, COLOMBIA)

Fernanda R. Historia

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At the beginning I thought this course was going to be silly or the lessons would lack depth, you know, just another boring attempt from a paper to get attention online. However, I must say I was mistaken and I've found myself positively surprised and eager to open my next lesson. I enjoy every single episode and learn a lot, I love the voices of the characters, the stories and how the vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar are involved in a context. I want to say that I already love Muriel, Marcel and Victor and I really appreciate the entertaining but rigorous way in which you teach us French. So, if you enjoy good animation within amusing stories while learning a language, this is definitely the course for you, it's been great for me! Thanks :)

— Fernanda R. (Bogotá, COLOMBIA)