Frantastique Reviews: Branko P. (Maribor, SLOVENIA)

Branko P. Historia

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Dear Frantastique team! Many years ago, during my early schooling period, I studied elementary French. Unfortunately, after that I didn't use French at all. After that school time, my level of French language knowledge disappeared slowly. During my working obligations, I mainly use English and German. The years passed and I didn’t practice the French language. In the last few years I have travelled to French speaking countries, and I don’t use French in everyday or in my professional life. Privately, I travelled twice to visit Paris and 3 or 4 times to spend holidays in Corsica. I love the sandy beaches of Corsica! I try to discipline myself every day for one hour and I take pains to do all daily lessons. The texts are useful, and the corrections are good for me – those help me to correct my mistakes and upgrade my knowledge. Thank you very much for the French lessons and for the great, fun episodes.

— Branko P. (Maribor, SLOVENIA)