Gymglish Reviews: Beatriz T. (AGEN, FRANCE)

Beatriz T. Historia

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Gymglish is a wonderful recreation during this pandemic time. It's very good to improve my English in a very enjoyable and original way. I laugh almost every day at these incredible situations experienced by your characters so unique and with diverse personalities. All these accents make me laugh a lot and I like to learn common language words from each of the different regions or countries. The situations are often caucuses and it is easier to learn the content of the lessons. Your team must have had a lot of fun inventing all these stories around the Delavigne Corporation. It's incredible and very educational. I spend between 20 and 30 minutes a day, sometimes more when I want to revise a few lessons or some vocabulary. I have had less opportunity to speak English in recent months, so it's another way not only to remember but also to learn and improve. While watching films in English I am happy to understand some of the slang words much better. Hey Dude, what's up! Give me five! ....and so on...It's so fun!

— Beatriz T. (AGEN, FRANCE)