Gymglish Reviews: Jean K. (Noancourt, FRANCE)

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I am a retired doctor, GP in Normandy, for 15 years now, and I have the time to learn English! I have been married to Marie-Térèse for 50 years (!) and we have got two children: François, 50, is a surgeon in Paris, and Sophie, 48, she's an ophthalmologist in Orléans. And we are very proud of them...and five 'petits-enfants' (grandchildren). Gymglish's lessons are my occupation in the morning, but it's an occupation which takes more the time that we recommend, about 30 minutes! It's too much. And my wife said: How you can talk English, my poor boy? You are too old and the girls wouldn't listen to you any more! So I hope in my Gymglish lesson.

— Jean K. (Noancourt, FRANCE)