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a file: un archivo
I'll have to look at your file in order to answer your questions. Tendré que consultar tu archivo para responder a tus preguntas.


  • "I'm pretty sure that I opened a file that I shouldn't have."
  • "My PC contains files that are of a sex - sex - sensitive nature!"
  • "I'm typing a press release, but all the details about the product are in a separate file."
  • "I've just wiped my files!"
  • "The bad news is: some faulty incense sticks led to a small fire in my office and destroyed all of the candidates' files."
  • "The official policy will be sent shortly as a PDF file, but I'd like to draw your attention to some specific details beforehand."
  • "Mr. Cheeter, I don't have any record of you being eaten by a bear in my files."
  • "I have included an audio file of the patient during one of his calmer periods."
  • "Brian : That shouldn't be a problem. I have the file right here, you should find everything you need about the product's ingredients."
  • "You have full access to the internet but will be unable to download files on to your computer."

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