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acceptable: aceptable, admisible, bienvenido
We prefer cash, but checks are also acceptable. Preferimos dinero en efectivo, pero los cheques también son bienvenidos.

unacceptable: inaceptable, inadmisible


  • "Moreover, your sexist remarks were completely unacceptable – they expose an attitude that worries me almost as much as Doris's inability to do her job."
  • "Before I accepted his kind offer, I decided to ask you if this would be acceptable to you."
  • "He needs to learn that this sort of behavior isn't acceptable in a business environment."
  • "I'm sure you will join me in condemning this unacceptable behavior."
  • "You of all people should know that 'Indian giver' isn't an acceptable term."
  • "This is, obviously, unacceptable behaviour."
  • "Unfortunately none of the three apartments I visited were acceptable."
  • "Bruno : Yes, it's acceptable."
  • "It's clear that you have mastered the ins and outs of the British pub, so I don't think you'll experience any cultural problems. I was amazed when you stood on the table and sang Abba songs with members of a women's rugby team. While this kind of behaviour may not be acceptable in front of your client, I'm sure you'll go down well with English girls!"

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