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an accountant: un contable

accounting: contabilidad

an account: una cuenta
Pronunciation examples
UK: When I grow up I want to be an accountant.
US: I'm sure you've got a bright future in accounting.


  • "It is written in an ancient prophecy that one day, when the Earth is in trouble, an "Ice Accountant" will travel from the past to the future to save the Earth!"
  • "Fussy accountant"
  • "The money in your account, it didn't do too well."
  • "This is the account for our more discerning clients."
  • "I believe you are that "Ice Accountant", Icarus."
  • "This account offers fixed-rate interest, because we understand that some of our customers are afraid of change."
  • "Glen : Well, I have a bachelor's degree in accounting, a masters in linguistics, a doctorate in philosophy and I'm a certified yoga instructor."
  • "I'm hearing a lot of crying from the accounting cubicle."
  • "I would also like someone to set up her email account, check that all the cables are plugged in properly to her P."
  • "Icarus "The Ice Accountant" Quincy"

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