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to advise: aconsejar, dar consejos
I advise you to be careful with the mayor. Le aconsejo que tenga cuidado con el alcalde.


  • "Passengers are therefore advised to use the Piccadilly and Bakerloo lines."
  • "I'm the, you know, the funny, handsome guy you advised with that non-paying client."
  • "In fact my mother advised me to avoid any kind of sports after I was knocked out by a softball in my local park."
  • "Passengers are advised to find another means of transport."
  • "We strongly advise you to keep your luggage with you at all times."
  • "If the answer is 'yes' to either of these questions, I strongly advise you to buy bottles that are sealed with genuine cork!"
  • "Horatio : Now Susie, if you want a masculine scent, I mean masculine, I advise using the tse-tse fly, which lives inside the bull testicle."
  • "Robot : They are there to advise you, not attend to your weird sexual needs."
  • "In spite of my blinding rage and abiding contempt for you, my yoga guru has advised me that expressing myself to you via a letter may prove therapeutic, which is why I am penning the present missive from my retreat, high atop the Himalayan peaks."

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