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Traducción & Definición

to allocate: asignar, repartir, adjudicar, distribuir
The government allocated a small sum of money for us to complete our documentary on the flying squirrel. El gobierno nos asignó una pequeña suma de dinero para completar nuestro documental sobre las ardillas voladoras.


  • "Consequently, I have decided to cancel the statue project, and give the allocated money for the statue to charity."
  • "And then I'm supposed to have a meeting with Philip and talk about the sales budget for the next quarter, and I just know he's going to ask me for more stuff that I can't afford to allocate him, and - well - you know what Philip's like, and."
  • "But I fought tooth and nail, and managed to allocate funds for the following items"
  • "Your company's plan allows you to increase or decrease your monthly pay-in at any time, as well as to re-allocate the investments of your plan."
  • "Several departments, including Sales and Production, did not spend all of the money they were allocated at last year's budget approval meeting."
  • "We will be allocating significant resources to its development: money, equipment, personnel."

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