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to attract (attention): atraer, llamar (la atención)
I tried to attract his attention, but he didn't see me. Intenté atraer su atención, pero no me vio.

(I'm) attracted (to her): (Siento) atracción (por ella)
Philip thinks that most women are attracted to him. Philip cree que la mayoría de las mujeres sienten atracción por él.


  • "
    Attract more customers and satisfy your staff
  • "I was on my way out, but let's just say, something attracted my attention."
  • "You can see that I've typed the date in capital letters in the hopes of attracting your attention."
  • "Time will tell if the project is a commercial success, but the Delavigne Gallery has already attracted enough plaudits to make it one of New York's newest and most exciting landmarks."
  • "Also, I know that Philip is very attracted to the woman in the corner."
  • "Wellington, the capital, is attracting a lot of foreign investment these days."
  • "The company I work for attracts a lot of spies."
  • "I pretend to detest Philip Cheeter, but I'm secretly very attracted to him. In fact, I would like to meet him later by the bushes for a few drinks-"
  • "I find myself strangely attracted to you, and I am curious to learn about your marital status and sexual orientation, but that must wait."

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