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the average, on average: el promedio, la media; por término medio, en promedio
On average, Philip dates 6.5 women per month. De media, Philip sale con 6,5 mujeres por mes.
above average por encima de la media
below average por debajo de la media

average: medio, mediocre, regular, común, normal
I was actually impressed by the director, whose last film was quite average. La verdad es que me impresionó el director, cuya última película había sido bastante mediocre.

to average (80 km/h): alcanzar un promedio de (80 km/h)


  • "Horatio, normally the average cost of your monthly supplies is around 600 dollars, US currency."
  • "We can attribute this growth to two key factors: the increase in disposable income for the average Chinese household, and the opening of our new flagship store in the heart of Beijing's commercial center."
  • "-Buy back 4,500 unsold units from other various retailers and partners, including web-based partners, at an average of $60 per unit ($270,000)"
  • "It's just below the seasonal average."
  • "Luna : Oh that's difficult, there's no such thing as the 'average' Delavigne employee."
  • "Average winter temperature in Finland?"
  • "The average American family can't afford to dine in sit down restaurants anymore."
  • "Did you know that on average, it takes approximately 6 favorable impressions to overcome 1 unfavorable impression?"
  • "Tell me, if you had to describe the average Delavigne employee in three words, which would you choose?"
  • "or the average estimate of 500 random people who know nothing about cows?"

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