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to award (a prize to someone): otorgar (un premio a alguien)

an award: un premio, una recompensa, una condecoración

to award: premiar, recompensar
Pronunciation examples
UK: He was awarded $5,000 in damages.
US: She won an award at the film festival.
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  • "Our company's marquee perfume release last year, 'Adonis for men', has been nominated for a 'Smelly' award, the most prestigious award in the perfume industry."
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, here are the nominees for the Smelly Award for 'Male fragrance of the year'."
  • "Philip : Nominated for a Smelly Award."
  • "This is obviously a great honor, and a few of us will be flying to Los Angeles next week for the award ceremony."
  • "Give me the award!"
  • "Accepting this award is Kalvin Krime himself."
  • "In the event of flight cancellations, compensation will be awarded."
  • "Watching your 'performance' yesterday at the Smelly Awards, I felt a wide spectrum of emotions: Disappointment."
  • "On the Internet, the clip of you at the award show has been viewed over a million times, and hits on the Delavigne website have quadrupled since last night."

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