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(here I am), back in (London): (aquí estoy) de vuelta en (Londres)

Back in (Paris, I used to be a waiter): Cuando vivía en (París, trabajaba de camarero)

Back in (the 80's, I was in great shape): En (los 80, estaba buena forma)
Nótese que la expresión back in seguida de un dato temporal o geográfico, expresa nostalgia.


  • "Horatio : Alright everyone, back to San Francisco for an emergency meeting!"
  • "I understand that you wanted to marry a rich guy, at least that makes sense, but yet here you are back in London with nothing to show for it, not even a fancy diamond ring."
  • "PANEL 7 (Back in Bruno's office)"
  • ""Back in the good old days, the labor unions organized strikes almost every week."
  • "Back in Europe, deep inside the French countryside!"
  • "When they had the earthquake in San Francisco back in nineteen-six, they said that ol' mother nature was up to her old tricks."
  • "Here's your chance to get away from all the hubbub back in San Francisco for a little bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation!"
  • "That's right, I'm back in Europe!"
  • "Bruno : Well Danica, I have to admit this isn't how I envisioned our family reunion, but I am very happy to have you back in my life."
  • "Here I am, back in the laboratory to make some perfumes."

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