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behind: detrás de, atrás
adverb, preposition
My keys were behind the desk. Mis llaves estaban detrás del escritorio.
Bob already has over 10 years of IT experience behind him. Bob ya tiene detrás de sí más de 10 años de experiencia en Tecnologías de la Información.
I've put all that behind me. Ya dejé atrás todo eso.
to be behind somebody apoyar a alguien


  • "The styles of the 80s may be a thing of the past, but the concept behind power dressing is as relevant as ever."
  • "I was all work and no play, a ghost behind a screen"
  • "Behind us is man with funny hat, and over there large river."
  • "Bruno Delavigne, CEO of the Delavigne Corporation, explains the idea behind this unique project."
  • "With each "groundbreaking", "must-have" widget added to the Ephone store comes another way to tune out from the real world (you know, that thing that you see through the window behind your computer screen?"
  • "It's behind the bar, here."
  • "Donna : Okay, I'm just going to hide behind my desk and start the machine."
  • "The basic philosophy behind the movement is that eating locally has ecological value: The carbon footprint of Kobe beef which has made the trip from Japan to New York has more of an environmental impact than a piece of fresh meat from the local farmer's market."
  • "Art dealer : You mean the circle was behind the squares?"
  • "The technology behind these perfumed adverts is quite simple."

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