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a billion (dollars): mil millones de (dólares)
1 billion people mil millones de personas
Adrien is a billionaire. Adrien es multimillonario.
Thanks a billion Muchísimas gracias


  • "Do you know what a billion dollars can buy you?"
  • "Over 1.5 billion people use the internet, and that is a good thing."
  • "Wang acquired Dulce & Carpaccio last week for 7.1 billion dollars, further evidence that Wang is eying distribution channels."
  • "The seven billion dollar deal had been in the works for months, says Professor Ping 'Pong' Faan, chair of the economics department at Beijing University."
  • "Rebels are demanding $4 billion in ransom and have threatened to remove the hostages' hairs one by one tomorrow morning."
  • "Over the years, dinosaurs, these gigantic lizards which roamed the earth billions of years ago, have become a controversial subject."
  • "Kevin : One billion dollars is a lot of money, Jean."
  • "Did you say a billion dollars?"
  • "But Mr. Delavigne, Mr. Oléré, we are prepared to give you a billion dollars!"
  • "Just one month ago, IFC reportedly made a billion-dollar offer to acquire the innovative American juice store after hearing rumors of the 'magical' properties of their products."

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