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to bite: morder, picar
Este verbo es irregular:
I bite / I bit / I have bitten

a bite: un mordisco, un bocado, un pedazo
to have a bite (to eat) comer algo, picar algo
This campaign ad will take a big bite out of our budget. Esta campaña publicitaria consumirá una gran parte de nuestro presupuesto.

a (shark, insect) bite: una mordedura (de tiburón), una picadura (de insecto)
Pronunciation examples
UK: Come over to my place tonight and have a bite to eat.
US: Last time you bit me. And how many people have you bitten since then? Cannibalism isn't cool.
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  • "We won't bite!"
  • "The perplexed shark hesitated slightly before biting the victim in two."
  • "Well, apart from the inaccurate information bit."
  • "bit off his head."
  • "I'm almost tempted to bite them, but I won't - I'm a vegetarian."
  • "The duel was lost after one bite"
  • "Felt faint with hunger until the elderly French woman in the aisle seat next to me offered me a bite of her sardine sandwich."
  • "It's for the mosquito bite I received in Cambodia last month."
  • "- Staff members are to be treated with respect, and therefore not to be bitten."

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