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to catch: tomar, coger, agarrar, atrapar
Algunas expresiones comunes:

to catch a plane tomar/coger un avión
to catch a movie ir a ver una película
to catch someone off guard coger a alguien por sorpresa, pillar a alguien desprevenido
to catch somebody's attention llamar la atención de alguien
I managed to catch her. Conseguí verla, logré dar con ella.
We got caught in the storm. Nos pilló la tormenta.
to catch a cold resfriarse

Este verbo es irregular:
I catch / I caught / I have caught

(my jacket is) caught (in the door): (mi chaqueta está) atrapada (en la puerta)

a catch: una dificultad, un problema, un inconveniente
Pronunciation examples
UK: I have to catch a flight, so that I can catch a movie.
US: I went to a baseball game and caught the ball.


  • "It's better than catching a fish."
  • "If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name."
  • "In light of recent staff turnover, as well as several incidents which have caught Bruno's attention, I am writing to you with some important information regarding our termination policy."
  • "Operator : Then for your return journey, you can catch the 10AM bus out of New York on July 26th, which will bring you back to San Francisco on July 30th at 11AM."
  • "He's trying to hit the ball somewhere where it won't be caught."
  • "I'm awfully sorry but your fishing hook appears to be caught in my lip."
  • "Jean-Pierre : We have definitely caught ourselves a British!"
  • "Brian : You're not going to make me catch worms, are you?"
  • "Rogue Trader Caught!"
  • "And what happens when the fox is caught?"

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