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to cause: causar, provocar
The shortage of water is caused by the drought. La sequía ha provocado una escasez de agua.
The traffic jam caused me to be late for work. Por culpa del atasco llegué tarde al trabajo.

(lung cancer is often) caused by (smoking): (Con frecuencia el cáncer de pulmón) es causado por (el tabaco)

a cause: una causa, un motivo
Alcohol is the cause of many accidents. El alcohol es la causa de una gran cantidad de accidentes.
We're trying to raise money for a good cause. Estamos tratando de recaudar dinero para una buena causa.

Pronunciation examples
UK: What caused the accident?
US: The good news was a cause for celebration.


  • "This is a very real cause that both of us have a very personal connection to."
  • "I've caused a paper jam. What do you say to me?"
  • "-Our server is at 99.9% full capacity, which causes significant delay in sending and receiving messages."
  • "His heart attack was caused by high blood pressure brought on by his high-stress job."
  • "If any of you believe that you have cause for firing an employee, or are considering the possibility of firing an employee, please discuss it with the HR department first."
  • "Covers injuries that you cause to someone else."
  • "We devote our lives to your cause."
  • "There will be a rumor about a product causing health problems.."
  • "Perhaps the benefits of the internet outweigh any damage it may cause to the environment?"
  • "I have your cause of death listed as a heart attack."

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