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to celebrate: celebrar, festejar
I'm celebrating my birthday on Sunday. Voy a celebrar mi cumpleaños el sábado.

a celebration: una celebración, una fiesta
We will have a celebration for our wedding anniversary this weekend. Este fin de semana vamos a celebrar nuestro aniversario de matrimonio.


  • "We didn't really celebrate Christmas where I grew up."
  • "Bruno : Ladies and gentlemen, Gymglish users of all ages, thanks for joining us as we celebrate 50 episodes of Funky Friday!"
  • "We should celebrating with our loved ones!"
  • "Celebrated in : Cool countries."
  • "As some of you are no doubt aware, May Day, also known as International Workers' Day) is this Friday, and apparently a few thousand people will be celebrating with a mass protest on the streets of San Francisco."
  • "I'm going to treat myself to a massage and a green curry to celebrate!"
  • "So, please come to my petite dégustation in the break room at 1pm to celebrate me, French gastronomy and my final few months before I am possibly deported."
  • "Well, since you're all here, and since we are like a family, why don't we celebrate Christmas."
  • "Quick, let's take a selfie together to celebrate."
  • "Celebrate good times, come on!"

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