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cleanliness: la limpieza
Icarus often has a problem with the cleanliness of the employee lounge. Icarus tiene problemas contstantes con la limpieza de la sala de estar.

clean: limpio, desinfectado, puro
Luna likes to spend her weekends in the country, where the air is clean. A Lune le gusta pasar el fin de semana en el campo, donde el aire es puro.
Let's keep the conversation clean. Tengamos una conversación decente.

to clean (up): hacer la limpieza
Philip always cleans his office when Bruno drops by. Philip siempre limpia su escritorio cuando Bruno pasa.
Bob spent all Sunday cleaning the house after hosting the poker party. Después de la partida de poker, Bob pasó todo el fin de semana limpiando la casa.


  • "I'm gonna pick you up, turn you on, keep you clean."
  • "Cleaning equipment and gas masks are available in my office."
  • "Get somebody to clean up this body, okay?"
  • "To help me learn about this great, white, unnaturally clean place is Scandinavian correspondent Jonas Jensen."
  • "Look at my teeth, they're white and clean!"
  • "Clean up your mess"
  • "But I'm warning you Horatio, if this thing goes south, I am not going to be the one cleaning up the mess."
  • "Why are you cleaning the street?"
  • "Horatio : You're going to clean this up, right?"
  • "Clean hands!"

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