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competitive: competitivo(a)
We offer very competitive prices on high-quality products. Ofrecemos productos de calidad a precios muy competitivos.
Kevin has always been quite competitive, especially in earning the highest salary. Kevin siempre ha sido muy competitivo, sobre todo cuando se trata de ganar el mejor sueldo.

competitively priced a precios competitivos


  • "You'll notice that our prices are more than competitive."
  • "We understand your needs, and offer a competitive interest rate on your money."
  • "New Zealanders and Australians are like competitive neighbours - always trying to beat each other."
  • "You'll notice that our prices are very competitive."
  • "How do you expect me to stay competitive when Krazy Gidyeon is giving up 20% off the list price?"
  • "The first 10 e-mails are free, then if you're interested in purchasing the program for your staff, we sell annual subscriptions at very competitive rates."
  • "Competitive rates."

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