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to connect: conectarse, comunicarse
My laptop at home is connected to the company's network. El ordenador portátil de mi casa está conectado a la red de la empresa.
You can connect this phone to the outlet with this cord. Puedes enchufar el teléfono a la toma de corriente con este cable.
Our media campaign this year is aiming to connect with abused teenagers. Este año, nuestra campaña mediática está dirigida a los adolescentes maltratados.
I feel very connected to my brother. Me siento muy cercano a mi hermano.


  • "Caller : Son of a – Look, can you please just connect me to extension number seventeen-sixty-four."
  • "Please treat Hannah with respect: when you go under her desk to check the cables, don't check to see if her legs are properly connected too."
  • "Don't connect for the next fifteen to twenty minutes."
  • "Connect power unit to headset."
  • "Harold Warbuckle : The theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" says that any person on the planet is connected to any other person through six relationships."
  • "It's freezing in San Francisco and you think it's connected to global warming?"
  • "The vial is connected to a burner"
  • "The burner is connected to a big flame"
  • "Connect appropriate wire to USB or Firewire port of computer."
  • "connect her to the nearest printer, and make sure that her Internet is working."

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