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(after) consideration: (tras) considerar(lo), (después de) reflexionar(lo), meditar(lo)

the (financial) considerations (of a company): los asuntos (financieros de una empresa)


  • "Please, let me and Icarus worry about the financial considerations of the company."
  • "Thank you for your consideration"
  • "After long consideration, I've decided to go with option B."
  • "After careful consideration, I'm afraid Delavigne will not be able to participate in this project."
  • "I would ask you to please show some respect and consideration for your neighbors and see to it that the necessary repairs get done post-haste."
  • "However, after careful consideration, my original decision still stands: I want you to provide Icarus with whatever he needs."
  • "After careful consideration, neither I nor 251 out of 252 of the other small shareholders will be taking you up on your offer to buy back our stocks."
  • "After careful consideration, I have decided to invest my money in some designer clothes."
  • "This means that 40% of our employees are now eligible for consideration."
  • "I'm not expecting you to be "a shoulder to cry on", but I'm convinced that, with a little bit of tact and consideration, we will see an enormous, and immediate, improvement in the quality of Doris's work."

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