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Traducción & Definición

a correspondent: un corresponsal


  • "We're here with our Scandinavian correspondent Jonas Jensen."
  • "I'm Brent Vanderplop and joining me with some breaking news is Rupert Kensington, our European Correspondent."
  • "Moira McDonald is breastfeeding at the moment, but we do have our business correspondent, Janine Overtime, here."
  • "Today we welcome correspondent Lotsa Medals to our program to report on the Winter Olympics."
  • "by James Smithe, Political Correspondent"
  • "I'm Brent Vanderplop and I'm joined in the studio by our political correspondent Wendy Boyd."
  • "I'm Brent Vanderplop, and I'm with you until the end of the program. Right now we have Radio Rhubarb's financial correspondent, Stella Mercato, who is with us to talk about a subject that's very close to my heart: money."
  • "To help me learn about this great, white, unnaturally clean place is Scandinavian correspondent Jonas Jensen."
  • "Welcome to the program. Today we're with our business correspondent, Janine Overtime."
  • "Today we are going to talk about fox hunting with our European correspondent, Rupert Kensington."

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