Customer support

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(the) customer support (department): (el departamento de) atención al cliente
The customers were so angry that we needed to create a Customer Support line. It was essential to give them access to someone who could deal with their problems. Los clientes estaban tan enfadados que tuvimos que abrir una línea de atención al cliente. Era imprescindible poner a su alcance alguien que pudiera ocuparse de sus problemas.


  • "I'm not happy about the way you two are handling our customer support."
  • "Automated message : Welcome to the Delavigne Corporation customer support helpline"
  • "I am writing to complain about the standard of customer support I received from one of your employees."
  • "Hello, Delavigne Customer Support, Edward Moon speaking."
  • "Kwik-e-Market Customer Support"
  • "Responsibility and management of a customer support department"
  • "Robot : Thank you for calling the Musical Store customer support hotline."
  • "As Luna may have told you, you're going to be joining us in the Customer Support Department for a few days."
  • "Operator : Musical Store customer support, how can I help you?"
  • "This new department will absorb the current freelance hotline staff, and will provide customer support by telephone to Delavigne customers worldwide."

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