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(to make) a decision: (tomar) una decisión
to decide decidir
to make an informed decision Tomar una decisión bien fundada

Pronunciation examples
UK: I've decided to become a businesswoman.
US: I can't decide - I hate making decisions.
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  • "Donna : All you can do is support your cat's decision."
  • "Just make a decision, because I have to tell Democracy's mother soon."
  • "Your decision to terminate Mrs. Hughes will cost this company 2 months of salary in addition to a generous severance package."
  • "Karen Hughes : I'm sorry Ms. Benedict, but I've made my decision."
  • "Bethany : Well obviously it's your decision Bruno, and I can see that you are fond of Mr. Oléré."
  • "Congratulations, you've made the decision to grab the brass ring"
  • "Steffi : The buying commission has actually made a decision on our order for this season."
  • "I have made a decision, however, and rather than follow in my grandfather's footsteps, and live his dream, I've decided to pursue my own dream. Ladies and gentleman, I've decided to become."
  • "Insufficient or poor-quality sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as the probability of making risky decisions."

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