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to demonstrate (a theory): demostrar, probar (una teoría)

to demonstrate (against the war): manifestarse, participar en/hacer una manifestación (en contra de la guerra)
an (anti-war) demonstration una manifestación (en contra de la guerra)

to demonstrate (a quality): demostrar, evidenciar (una cualidad)
He demonstrated great courage in battle during the Vietnam War. Durante la Guerra de Vietnam demostró gran valor en combate.


  • "Let me demonstrate: Bonjour."
  • "Now I'm going to conduct a simple experiment to demonstrate the properties of these different materials."
  • "We all know that our sales are good, but I want to show you something that demonstrates just how good they are."
  • "Mr. Cheeter demonstrates an effectiveness I have only seen in the movies!"
  • "To become a manager, you generally demonstrate experience, aptitude and good leadership skills."
  • "Most recently, while working in a special division of the British government, I demonstrated an exceptional facility for efficiency, organisation, discretion and meeting deadlines."
  • "Though you still show much difficulty respecting our "no touching" rule, you have demonstrated great progress in the following areas"

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