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Traducción & Definición

a detail: un detalle

to detail, to go into the details: entrar en detalles, detallar
I don't want to go into the details, but you won't believe what happened to me Saturday night. No quiero entrar en detalles, pero no vas a creer lo que me pasó el sábado por la noche.

in more detail: más detallado


  • "Go and get more details from Polly, she also has a pair of safety glasses and a white coat."
  • "Here are the details"
  • "Details about the event in which you will be competing are included on the next page."
  • "
    Date Expense Description Amount ($) Units Details
  • "Though the details of Stink's gruesome murder are still hazy, I'm sure that you understand my deep and pervasive hatred for you, and by extension, all things British."
  • "Operator : Great, so I'll just take your credit card details, and your tickets will be express mailed to you this afternoon."
  • "I'm typing a press release, but all the details about the product are in a separate file."
  • "From next year, sugary, fatty, and salty foods will carry more than just a red flag with nutrition details."
  • "I'll let him fill you in on the details."
  • "In this case, they want your credit card details so that they can buy things using your PlasterCard!"

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